From Career Coach to Psychic Medium

Following 11 years of recruiting and career coaching, Zach developed an interest in psychic phenomena and the afterlife. Through his personal research and investing in working directly with prominent psychics, Zach honed his natural abilities as a psychic and a medium.

As he introduced the new tools he was using in his own life to his clients, he quickly saw that awareness of the spiritual realm brought huge benefits for all. Now Zach considers himself a bridge between the recruiting and career coaching realm and the spiritual realm, leveraging his unique mix of skills and expertise to support individuals and organizations in making sound decisions faster and with greater confidence.

Zach provides career coaching sessions, psychic readings and mediumship readings, as well as combinations of the three. He also delivers workshops on intuitive development, helping people to see, hear, and feel in new ways – and develop their own gifts. He has delivered these trainings for businesses and at conferences and delivers them monthly at the outplacement company, Lee Hecht Harrison.

Zach was my career coach for four months during a mid-career transition and he was marvelous to work with. He helped me focus on pursuing my dream job, rather than a (more comfortable) second-best – and that is what I achieved! He also was invaluable in giving me the strategies and guidance to stay productive in my search, as well as to stay calm and focused through the anxious moments. I recommend Zach wholeheartedly.

Aaron K.

From family to work and relationships, I left my reading feeling positive, shocked and amazed. Zach has a true talent. I recommend him to everybody.

Laura G.

Psychic skills aren’t a sixth sense; rather, the subtle expansion of senses we already have.